Ratings & Trust-based economy

At some point soon I need to dig into how ratings will influence the “platform economy” or “the digital worker” or “everything as we know it”.

Talked to woman who was doing a start-up on an app, that would collect the ratings from AirBnB, Uber, etc etc (all digital places where people are rated) and spit out one giant rating. They got funding. A sort of Trustpilot/Tripadvisor/Yelp for persons. A consequence/possibility of “Trustbased” (sharing)economy? Already we’ve seen how Facebook wanted to become bank credit ranker (they dropped it for now). What are the consquences of online presence/behaviour as currency?

Who will rank us? persons, algoritms, companies, banks?
Are we forced to be online? How can plug out?
Do I really have to re-install facebook in order to be able to use AirBnB

Also (and maybe connected): what can a high kloutscore be used for?


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