Paper: Making architecture compete

Making Architecture Compete: open-ended accumulation meets objectification and singularization in the UK construction industry

Paul Gottschling, Manchester Architecture Research Centre, University of Manchester

Journal of Cultural Economy, 2016

In this article Gottschling use language from ANT/Callon (most notably objectification/singularization) to talk about how (architectural competitions) works; How the somewhat conceptual idea about “the competition” is also at the same time bound to local conditions. He does this by focusing on three objects that co-constitute the architctural competition (the brief, the submissions and the evaluation tools) in order to examine “what” is objectified and “what” is singularized (in the callonian way). For the author the architectural competition is interesting because is characterized by being an “open ended accumulation” (of design ideas, new suggestions, new models etc etc) which makes the architectural competition a (interesting) place where different patterns of movement and transformation meets (obj/sing meeting open-ended acc)


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