Affordance analysis

I planning to do an elaborate reading of the concept of affordances: how it differs between Normann (1999) and Gibson (1976,1986), how Hutchby (2001) picks it up and how it used recently by – among others -Zammuto (2007) and Leonardi (2013).

I am interested in understanding not only what the conceptual differences is, i.e. the pragmatism/relational focus from Gibson vs the object-bounded (realism?) approach from Normann, but also – and especially maybe – what this means for using the concepts for analyses: What can be said (about something) with either a Normannian or a Gibsonian approach?

Also I am reflecting on the role of the researcher: Observing what others do vs What I do myself? The potentiality of possibilities vs (effects of) That which happens.

Do we know of good affordance analyses?


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