Epistemological perspectives

Here 9 epistemological perspectives are presented. Borrowed from “Sproget er alles og ingen” by critical thinker Steen Nepper Larsen.

Based on 10 entries in reference works, Nepper Larsen comes up with following signalement of what epistemology could mean:

a) Epistemology seems to be something specific to the human race. Man desires cognition and knowledge

b) Epistemology is about (defining) conditions, possibilities, and limits for knowledge

c) Epistemology is about being able to claim something about something, and being able to justify this reasonably in linguistic communication

d) Epistemology is a principal, philosophical matter; epistemology is not reducible to a scientific phenomenon or an experimental examination. Epistemological reflection is meta-reflection and is raised above the engagement with specific domains and objects

e) The history of epistemology is twisted with a large degree of disagreement ever present. The dream of every reference work is to be final and definitive. However there is never a reaching of this final level,  never a death of the procesual. None of the definition ambitions to be substantial-conclusive. Much more they are formal-abstract, (which is clever but also safe-playingly) because then they can be “filled with concrete matters”.